What to do if the bride or bride’s mother gets menstruation on the wedding day?


There are many beliefs and rules in Hinduism and these rules are the symbol of Hindus. If there is no rule in a family, then that family gets shattered, its existence is destroyed. In Hinduism, the importance of marriage ceremony is very high, this is the way of life, and this family lives. Auspicious moments are seen before marriage and menstruation is also considered.  However, if due to any reason, a woman becomes menstrual at the time of her marriage, then the ‘Kushamand Home’ is mentioned in the scriptures. When there is menstruation, after taking bath at the same time, ‘Kushamand Home’ should be done.

If either of the bride or the bride’s mother comes to menstruation, then the Pandit etc. should get ‘Kushamand Home’. Having a ‘Kushamand Home’ does not blame the menstrual flow that day.  It is advisable to have ‘Kushamand Home’ even if there is a possibility of menstruation at the time of marriage.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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