When and why should renunciation?


Human life is very bizarre, no one knows what happens here. Childhood is spent in mother’s love and study, then youth is spent in enjoyment, sleep, earning money, running household, carrying out family and social duties, whereas in old age the body remains unwell and worries about the family.

There are 4 types of parts in human life, i.e. hermitage 1. Brahmacharya, 2. Householder, 3. Vanaprastha and 4. renunciation. Today, everything cannot be left in the present and go to the forest because the forest is no more and time has changed, so a person should take renunciation in his youth during his youth for the purification of self and union of God.

Renunciation does not mean abandoning everything and going into the forest. Renunciation means freedom from all kinds of resolutions. Whatever the saints do, they do not have any desire to earn money, respect, no desire for wealth, do no wrong to earn money, do not cheat anyone in any way and have no desire to have a son. After me, who will take care of my home, land, property, business, family etc. – I have no such desire. Whereas in the present era, people of Saint have started misinterpreting like some people consider taking Renunciation to be ruthless, irresponsible living, hypocrisy, inaction, pilgrimage, paralysis etc.

While renunciation actually brings stress-freeness to a man’s life, it is a means of quenching the heat of mental euphoria, manifesting a sense of isolation, detachment, isolation, powerlessness, neutrality in life. The power to tolerate all kinds of miseries is manifested automatically in a person by Renunciation.

The right time to hermit is only when you are entering a young age or if your conscience is awakened by knowledge, then only if you try to bring in the vision of meaninglessness, meaninglessness towards every object of the world, then you will become sanny and celibacy, householder If you perform your duties by becoming a monk in the ashram itself, after the Vanaprastha Ashram, that is, after 75 years, you will see your renunciation, Will be Knowledgeable.

A monk, while raising a family, rises above the distinction of honor, profit, loss, man and woman etc. If the husband and wife are monks, then they have self-respect towards each other. Renunciation the life of a monk, while performing his duties in the field of life, is the Renunciation religion. The Renunciation religion is the godfather of all the hermitages.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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