When should I buy a broom?

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The sweep has special significance. If the old broom has deteriorated or broken, it should be thrown out of the house immediately or it should be thrown into the garbage, this work is to be done only on the moonless. The old broom should not be thrown out of the house on Thursday or Friday. The old broom should be replaced by a new broom. Saturday is the best day to buy a new broom.

Goddess Lakshmi is pleased to buy broom on Saturday. Since Saturday is the day of Shanidev, Shani Dev is also pleased by buying a new broom on Saturday. If you cannot buy a broom on Saturday, then broom can be purchased on Tuesday or Amavasya i.e. moonless.

If you want to bring a new broom or buy a broom, then only Saturday is suitable for this task. According to Vastu Shastra, the broom should be kept in the south, west or south-west direction. The broom should never be kept standing and those who keep the broom standing face financial problems and there is discord in the house.

The broom should never be kept in the north-east direction. Always keep the broom hidden in the house; no one should notice the broom. If everyone looks at the broom, then money is lost.

Broken broom should not be kept in the house because broken broom is a symbol of poverty. The worn broom should be replaced immediately. If the house is cleaned with a worn, broken broom, then the house starts to become ominous and starts appearing on the family members. The broom should be changed from time to time.

After sunset, one should never apply broom and mulch in the house, those who do this, their bad days start happening. If you have to clean the house with a broom at night, then the garbage should not be thrown out of the house. If the garbage is thrown out of the house, then there is a loss of money in their house.

The broom should never be kept wet, if it is wet, it should be dried.

Goddess Laxmi ji’s habit is also mentioned in the broom, so the broom should always be kept clean.

One should never kick a foot on a broom because it causes a shortage of money in the family, if one gets a foot, then Goddess Lakshmi ji should bow.

If the money does not last, then in the morning before the sun goes out, donate a broom in any temple.

New broom should be used at the time of entering new house; old broom should not be taken in new house.

If a member goes out of the house, then one should not sweep. The most important thing is to keep the broom in the house always hidden.

Never take a dog food with a broom, cloth can be used to clean the dog food. Those who clean the dog’s food with a broom feel guilty of their mother Annapurna.

Never jump above the broom, Goddess Lakshmi gets annoyed by those who jump over the broom.

The broom should never be kept under the bed, especially under the bed on which the husband and wife sleep, neither should there be any discrimination between the husband and wife.

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