Why do women apply vermilion (Sindoor) on the maang?

vermilion on the maang

The ‘Sumangali Kriya’ means the ritual of filling the vermilion by the groom in maang of the bride is called ‘Sumangali Kriya’. At the time of marriage, the bridegroom puts vermilion with a silver coin for the first time the girl maangs, this vermilion should be applied to the forehead as long as it is required, after that the girl assumes the shape of a suhagin woman and until By the time her husband survives, the Suhagin woman applies vermilion to her maang every day. Where a woman puts vermilion in her maang which enhances her beauty and the vermilion filled in maang is indicative of its suhagin.

The body of a woman is very soft and the burden of all Hindu festivals of Indian culture and civilization is placed on the woman itself, even Hindu religion, festivals, or any kind of auspicious festivals & program cannot be complete without a woman. After marriage, the burden of running the household increases on the woman, love and harmony are maintained in the family, so the vermilion is filled in maang because the vermilion filled in maang keeps the forehead and brain chakras active by which Mental peace prevails.

According to the Samundrik Shastra, the point where the vermilion is filled is just above the point called Brahmarandhra and Adhami, applying vermilion there prevents external bad effects from entering the woman’s body. If a Suhagin woman applies vermilion to her demand every day, her face never wrinkles because the vermilion has a mercury-like metal which controls the electrical stimulation located in the woman’s body. Mercury also serves to cool the body by which the body gets rest.

Filling vermilion daily in the maang brings the power of her piety around the body of the woman and the woman whose serpent line is seen in the center of the beggar is considered a woman unfortunate, for the removal of this unfortunate defect, the woman makes her maang I should apply vermilion every day.

Vermilion arouse the feeling of sexual desire, therefore, unmarried girls and widows should not fill sindoor in their maang, it is prohibited for them to fill in sindoor maang. On the other hand, applying Sindoor by a woman in her maang brings honour to her husband in the society. If seen from a social point of view, filling vermilion in maang is a symbol of love of her husband by the woman.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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