Why is Mangalsutra worn?


In Indian culture and civilization, Mangalasutra, worn around the neck of a woman, signifies that the woman is married. Married woman should wear any number of jewelery, but if she does not wear Mangalasutra, then her beauty is incomplete because Mangalasutra is a symbol of her husband’s luck and good luck. Only after the husband’s death does the married woman abandon the mangalsutra, therefore, in the life of a married woman, neither the value of her mangalsutra can be taken by any jewelery nor any other man or relative in this world other than the husband.

In marriage, Mangalasutra is worn by the groom with the chanting of mantras around the bride’s neck. Mangalsutra is mainly of black colored pearl threads, peacock and locket. Mangalsutra protects the woman’s husband, The peacock shows reverence, affection for the husband. Mangalasutra, which contains black pearls, protects the married woman’s husband from evil eyes and prevent the loss of physical energy, hence the confluence of black colored pearl threads, peacock and locket should be in Mangalsutra, after that no matter how precious or cheap Mangalsutra is?

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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