Why should one lie on the left side after eating food?

Left turn sleep

Eating food gives power to the body and the body moves. The process of digesting the food inside the body after taking food, so at least 100 steps should be taken after having food, because it is written in the scriptures: – Bhuktva Shatapada Gachachet ( भुक्त्वा शतपदं गच्छेत्), That is, 100 steps should be taken after having food, this action is called Shatapavali. Ayurveda says about Shatapavali: – भुक्त्वोपविशतः स्थौल्यं शयानस्य रूजस्थता। आयुश्चक्रमाणस्य मृत्युर्धावितधावतः।।

That is, after sitting in one place after having food, the concord comes. The person who walks after eating, his age increases.  The one who runs after having food comes near to his death. Therefore, Satpavali should be done after meals and after Satpavali, you should lie on the left side.

The secret behind lying on the left side is that food stays in the stomach for some time is a diet for the body. Due to the distension of the stomach, the grain becomes liquid and enters the next passage, due to which the digestion is well done. When the whole food is left in the front part of the stomach, the pressure of the food taken in the strangulation place on its left side is pressurized. Sleeping on the right side does not exert pressure.

Surya Nadi ‘Pingala’ from left nostril and Chandra Nadi ‘Ida’ flows from right nostril. Taking the right side affects ‘Pingala’ and the left side is affected by Eda. Pingala’s tone is very important for food digestion, so the left side should be lying at least 24 minutes or 1 hour after a meal.

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