World War Z and Corona Virus Vs Mankind

world war vs mankind

Hollywood had a film in the year 2013, World War Z. Which is the most devastating zombie film in America, it was directed by Marc Forster. The Brad Pitt actor starred Gerry Lane in the film. This film shows how the spread of a virus causes the whole world to get upset. A virus was spread that attacks the human’s neurology system.

After 10 second of the attack, the infected person forgets all his core feelings except eating food. The secreted person bites another person, when the infected person bites, the other person is also infected. And that person also becomes a zombie like them. Within this movie, the whole world is stirred, as the number of infected people increases as the virus spreads. Gerry Lane goes to many places for its treatment and finally succeeds, a very exciting movie.

Similarly, in the present day the whole world is suffering from Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is not being treated yet, its vaccine is not yet formed. Many people in the world lost their lives due to this epidemic. The situation of the whole world is not right now. The economy of many countries has deteriorated. Many people have lost their jobs. Many families have been devastated by this epidemic.

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an inanimate particle on which the protective layer of fat is penetrated. It is not a live thing, so it cannot be killed. This virus also spreads from one person to another.

This pandemic can only be defended by itself until it is fully treated. To avoid this, the most important is social distancing, washing hands frequently with soap, wearing a mask and taking a bath if you come home from outside, changing clothes etc.

You also have to avoid this pandemic because the family needs you. If you do not live then your family will be completely ruined. The lockdown cannot last a lifetime; It will be opened one day, so to protect yourself, a limitation has to be created, until the country gets its vaccine, you will have to live life by being careful. A little mistake makes one stand at the door of death, then nothing can be done except repentance.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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