You are the Emperor !

you are king

Some people think of themselves as small, this is their thinking but you do not ever consider yourself as small because you are not young. You are very old, if you make a mistake then accept it and apologize, bow down, give your obligation you will see that you became big.

Forgiveness is not a crime, apologizing dies in your heart, when you accept your mistake, at the same time your pride will die. There will come a new revolution in you. You will become pure. Do not think that will forgive the front No, leave it to him, do your work, because at the time you accepted your crime, at that time you become bigger by becoming free from guilt.

You do not have to be the richest man in this world, you do not have wealth, no wealth is rich, wealth is rich. The richest man of this world is the one who has got the milk of his mother, his mother, because in the world there are those humans who have not even got mother’s milk, then the matter of Mamta is very far away. Mother’s milk and motherhood are not everyone’s luck.

No matter how big you are, be strong, be proven, be king, be happy, be a king, in the nude state, after drinking milk of your mother’s breasts grew, she got the affection of a woman, got love then she grew up, Then he became the emperor, the king for his mother would be the king of the emperor, so do not ever lie that mother’s dream, you are nothing, you are poor, be careful, be poor, if nothing else By then you are the emperor, in the hospital Not see it will know the importance of breathing.

You complain I do not have shoes? Your complaint is good, you complain because you are ignorant of that thing, with the truth that you are the richest person in the world, who does not have shoes, to wear it, but poorly he has no legs but you are rich in the world You can walk a person with legs, ask him who cannot walk, you will see you become a emperor.

A fakir went to a gathering! There a priest was speaking there the fakir (saint) sat behind, just as the habit of mystics, sat behind! The people sat down while they were wearing shoes. But the presence of the fakir (saint), its wave, its ecstasy, those who were sitting beside him, turned and sat on his side. To find him back, they seemed disorganized! He turned his face!

When he saw his lovely form, music and fragrance flowing over him, other people also turned away. It gradually became a condition that everyone turned to the Pandit side, the face of the fakir became all over. Then Pandit panicked. The priest told the fakir that you should come here. Come here, sit here! Fakir said: Where we sit, there is a throne. We do not sit on the throne. Cushion where we sit!

There is such a condition of life that wherever you are, there are emperors! Saints seeking begging are even more dignified than emperors. Even sitting on emperor throne are beggars, because now they can find and find, find and find, because they can be found now. . ..

 Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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