Zircon gemstone


Zircon  gemstone belongs to the planet Rahu. Its Hindi name is Gomed. The names are Gomdek, Gomok, Bahuratna, Jargun, Jarkunia, Thousand Yemeni and PC. This gem is found in Sri Lanka, India, South Africa and America etc. Zircon is best obtained from Sri Lanka. Its color is brown, luscious, light yellow and orange. Zircon gemstones like the color of cow’s urine are considered good.

This gem should be worn in case of sudden interruptions. This gemstone is worn when there is a terrible disease. Wearing this gem increases the happiness and wealth. A person troubled by lawsuits should wear this gem. People suffering from ghosts etc. should also wear this gemstone.

  • Wearing broken gemstones causes diseases in human body.
  • Zircon is worn in the middle finger.
  • This gem should be worn in a silver ring.
  • Rubies, pearls, coral, topaz should not be worn with Zircon gemstones.
  • Zircon stone should be worn on Saturday.
  • After wearing the Zircon stone, Lord Sun should be given water and donate clothes, blankets, sesame etc.
  • Capricorn Ascendants should wear Zircon gemstones.
  • Dhunaila, Badami Hakik stone is also name is zircon.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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