Sphatik Crystal

Sphatik Crystal

Sphatik Crystal is said to be a gem of a diamond, hence it is called a gem of the planet Venus. Sphatik is also called Billor, Kanchmani, Ice stone. It is a transparent gemstone. It is also called Sphatik Mani. Sphatik is found in the form of various small pieces under the buffet on the mountains, it is a transparent white colored gem like snow.

Sphatik undoubtedly comes in the list of sub-gems, but its effect is more beneficial than gems, hence its name Sphatik Mani. It is more important than many gems.

Many designs of garlands, Shriyantra Shivling, idols of God and lockets etc. are made by cutting and carving rhinestone stone. It becomes very beautiful after cutting and polishing.

Since it is a crystal stone and God resides in it, the worship of the religious sections made in this way has special significance. Generally, there is no need of Prana-Pratishtha for the placement of crystal Shivling and idols.

Sphatik beads are known to be very pure and spiritual and cold. By chanting any mantra on a rosary of crystals, this mantra is proved very soon and it is considered to be extraordinarily special, fruitful and best. Chanting the mantras of Goddess Lakshmi ji, Goddess Saraswati ji, Goddess Durga ji and Goddess Gayatri ji on this garland gives good results soon. This rosary is always beneficial.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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