Taapsee Pannu Astrology, birth chart, horoscope and prediction details.

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Taapsee Pannu is an actress and model in the Indian cinema world. Taapsee Pannu is born in Libra Ascendant and Virgo Zodiac Sign.

Saturn has become very powerful due to the birth of Taapsee Pannu in Libra ascendant as Saturn becomes the lord of the center and triangle house  here and also the friend of Ascendant Venus.

Taapsee Pannu’s horoscope

01 August 1987, Timing 12-00 hrs, Ludhiana (Punjab)

Actress Taapsee Pannu’s star is very strong as the age increases, Taapsee Pannu will progress in the field of film industry. Taapsee Pannu is doing Hindi films as well as Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. Sitting together in the tenth house of Venus, Sun and Mercury is becoming extremely auspicious, due to this, modeling and acting have gained new identity except software work. After acting in films, it will earn money by making the work of software again its business. Because of these three planets together, Taapsee Pannu is the main star of her family and is illuminating the family name.

Rahu sitting in the sixth house in Libra ascendant is auspicious as Rahu is very good here and gives the kingdom.

Due to the presence of Mercury in your zodiac sign, the public relations of Taapsee Pannu will increase and suddenly the sum of money and movies is being created. Mercury is in its own zodiac sign in the ninth place, hence Mercury will give it grace here and at the same time will also make it lucky and earn money from its intelligence. Whenever the time of Mercury comes, then the fate of Taapsee Pannu will shine.

It is not good for the lord of the tenth house to be in the twelfth house. But Sun planet is in tenth house, it will lead them towards politics.

But the moon will make ‘state dissolution yoga’ in the twelfth house, so here the moon will get them court cases due to which they will have to face some problems. Therefore, giving water to the sun every day will automatically eliminate the problems faced by Taapsee Pannu.

There will be pain in the eyes, eyes will become weak and treatment will also be done by the operation of the eyes, so the benefit of Taapsee Pannu will be obtained from Monday’s fast.

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