Taurus Zodiac Sign


alphabets;- I, Ee, Ei, Eh ,U, Oo, Ae, Ai, E, Oh, Ou, Va, Ba, Bee, Bi, Vee, Wee, Vi, Wi ,Vu, Voo, Wu, Bu, Boo, Woo, Vey, Vay, Way, Wey, Be, Bay, Veh, Weh, Beh ,Vo, Wo, and Bo.

The qualities and demerits of Taurus (bull) are found in the zodiac signs of Taurus. Taurus zodiac signs are calm, patient, hard-working and engaged in work. They have the power to work for a long time. Usually they do not get angry but when they get angry they do not get down unless the opposite situation is favorable to them. Do not become and do not conquer the enemy even if it takes many months and years. These people do not spend wastefully and have a habit of collecting money. As they grow older, their property increases.

In their life, ancestral property or contingency money is benefited from some other side. But there can also be loss of money due to conspiracies and prosecutions. There is support from friends and relatives. These people do not tell their mind to anyone and till they reach their goal quietly, they are working diligently in achieving the goal.

Officers of this amount have no difficulty in getting work done in the office. They do not give importance to small mistakes in work and forgive them because they understand that these mistakes were not done intentionally, but if someone who works under them continues to make mistakes then after six months if you If you decide to take this job out, no one can save you from the job. These people do not like to live in different environments. These people like to live social life more.

As an employee, these people prove to be very profitable because these people are engaged in their work and complete the work smoothly. Field job or Selzmanship does not suit the Taurus people because they are more interested in the house than in the outdoors. These people want a happy and luxurious life.

If women of Taurus are admitted then the above proves. The job of secretary suits him very well. These women are sociable. But you cannot flirt with them. In love-relations, it will proceed when they believe that you will marry them.

These people are very attracted towards other Sachs. If there is a boy, then towards a girl, if a girl is attracted to a boy.

People of Taurus are male or female, take more interest in their house. Therefore, after marriage, except for his wife or husband, he does not have love for any other woman or man. They take special care of their children’s care and their career. These people are fond of good houses, good food. Their teeth are likely to deteriorate quickly.

These people mostly become government employees, businessmen, financiers, accountants, bankers, brokers, properties, agents, actors, singers, jewelers, architects, art sellers. These people are conservative and like to relax. Therefore, you cannot take big risks. They are very fortunate in the matter of earning money from wealth.

Happy Hour: Monday, Friday, Saturday

Auspicious number: 6

Good color: white, black.

Owner: Venus

Zodiac element: Earth

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