Thumb indicates total your personality!

Thumb indicates total your personality!
Thumb indicates total your personality!

The thumb represents all the personality of the person. The thumb has a prominent place in the hand. Thumb is the center of natural will: – Just as a person’s face can be described by looking at the face of a person, similarly a practitioner can narrate the entire life of a person by looking at the thumb. Indian religion has the importance of thumb in arms. The pundit from the thumb applies tilak to Yajaman and the person also applies tilak to his forehead from his own thumb.

The thumb is composed of three bones. The first section has been called the “zone of maleness”, due to which the love, lust, enjoyment, behavior of a person is seen. The second section examines a person’s reasoning “power and wisdom”. The third section presupposes one’s strong will “power and perseverance, diligence.”

A long thumb in the hand is a sign of mental development of a person. It is a person with a strong will “power”. If such a person does not agree on something, then he does not trust it quickly.

If the thumb is not much longer than the normal, then the person is of discretion.

If the thumb is small, then the person’s mind is not very sharp. There is a lack of restraint and understanding in such a person, such a person has the desire of “person name”.

1. If there is a sign of yava between the two parts of the thumb, then the life of a person remains open.

2. If the thumb sign is seen in the thumb, then the life of the person is happy.

3. If the line is seen clearly in the root of the thumb, then the person has nine children.

4. If the upper part of the thumb appears small and weak, then the person is “obsessed with singing, gambling, etc.”, such a person is also responsible for many diseases.

5. If a person’s thumb is hard, then that person is obstinate and clever. Such people digest everything in their stomach.

6. If a person has a shiny thumb, then that person molds himself in every situation. Such people take interest in paddy collection.

7. If the thumb is a mouse and a man, then the person is strong, his desire is strong and the person is courageous.

8. If the thumb is round and mossel, then there is a feeling of guilt in the person. Such a person is angry and fickle. There is a lack of discretion in it.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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