What is the correct marriage age of boy and girl?

marriage age

The government may change the age of marriage of a girl, but Humans will have the right over ideas. While marriage is related to family, its biggest secret is sexual pleasure. No one wants to accept but everyone knows. Everyone recognizes, There is a veil of sacraments that cannot be spoken, Everyone is locked in the mobile, even the family members do not know how this lock will open?

springtime is merciless, is carefree, It doesn’t know good or bad, Passion is to make something big, to get love, To break the stars from the sky. Youthfulness is a thunderstorm, There is a storm! Along with the development of the body, internal semen also starts to develop. The semen from which the whole world is made, You are made, I am made, All humans are made. Knowledgeable human beings who talk about sexual pleasure are not considered good in Indian culture. The birth of that scholar, the birth of a scholar have also taken place through sexual intercourse. Then I am telling the truth which the society does not want to accept. Afraid of sexual intercourse, Don’t want to accept, Don’t want to adopt, But watch porn movies, Reads pornography books, The eye quickly falls on pornographic posters. But no courage to accept!

Why are porn web series created when no one sees it? Why these pornography movies? Where did you like this on YouTube? Where did this comment come from? When no one wants to accept sexuality, then why are these brothels palaces, these brothels? Why do you go there?

Sexual pleasure is required of the body, it starts coming at the age of 12-14 years in the body, it starts beating, now where does anyone study in Gurukul? Those who follow Celibacy for 25 years and then enter into the life of the planet. Now the English subject are admitted to schools. Now a dhoti kurta (Indian clothing), bald head from above, take a stick in your hand and do not study. As a babu (government staff like is babu), he goes to school like a hero (actor) , along with girls. Skirts in English schools; Going to school wearing a skirt, anyone can see the legs.

Open on the Internet on mobile today, there is common sexuality, but we do not accept! Accepting is not in our religion, it can be secretly stolen, no one can see it, only then there are locks in the mobile, no one can open it.

A 20-year-old youth is passionate, reading his eyes will ever find a different glow in him, these glows are of semen. The light of semen is faster than the sun, But after 25 years of age, they will not be able to see. The government also starts locking doors after 27 years to get a job.

As the age will continue to increase after 25, if celibacy is accepted, then if not properly then the power of semen will be reduced. Then they will not be able to enjoy sexual intercourse. The pleasure of sexual intercourse is only as long as the semen remains in the body, remains stable, the semen itself makes sexual intercourse, the semen commands the brain for this union. No one could stop the velocity of semen, the great sage hermit lost.

The body feels hungry, there is an satiety after eating food. This body desires sexual desire, after attaining sexual pleasure, the body is filled with a freshness. Happiness is attained. After suppressing this desire, you cross the age after 25 years, then after 30 years, you do not get that fun.

When the sun rises, everyone likes it, they love it, they greet them, but they get melded every day, every day they drown. Youth also emerges in the body, but we suppress it and engage in studies and worldly things.

What has been the age now, let me study now, let us become doctors, engineers! Right now I am a child, I am 25 years old, my sister will do it first! But the storm that is in his body, the storm that is slowly ending in his body, is not visible to anyone?

If you get married at a young age then you will enjoy sexual intercourse, otherwise you will keep watching secretly in the plate of others, watching them secretly. The good son of the parents does not want to go towards the houses of prostitute, on the towers of obscenity, the palaces of sexual intercourse.

Marriage is not just about producing children, a world is not to be settled, marriage is another name to satisfy the hunger of the body, to calm the velocity of semen through sexual activity. After 20 years, this velocity is not stopped only then our ancestors chose 21 years, our scholars knew this secret. They knew when the real pleasure of sexual intercourse is taken.

As the age increases, the power of sexual intercourse will come to an end and then you will not be able to vaccinate your semen with your life partner for much longer. Then the semen will not have that power, the semen will be weak, then great men will not be born. Weak, timid twinkle will be born from weak semen. Then those things will not remain young. The pleasure of sexual intercourse is only in the youth, which parents marry their children after 25 years, they take away the real pleasure of sexual intercourse from them, Only then do they have sexual intercourse outside, in parks, in hospices, on the roads and they meet in the mouth.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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